16 years ago, O-R-G was incorporated. It was the first business day of the new millennium, an auspicious date for a one-person concern masked as a large organization. From the start, O-R-G worked with a fluid group of collaborators including those now better known as mgmtdesign.com, projectprojects.com, stewd.io, and lifeofthemind.net. But after about six years of quasi-standard practice, O-R-G had had enough. The studio on 39th St was vacated and a Demise Party held to distribute its contents back to the group who helped assemble it.

Emptied out, O-R-G became a holding company for Dexter Sinister, the just-in-time workshop and occasional bookstore set up in a basement on the lower east side of New York. Dexter Sinister ran as a shop for the next five years selling books, staging events, and publishing Dot Dot Dot. By 2011, the bookstore had run its course and The Serving Library was established as a 501c3 non-profit company to publish a semiannual journal and maintain a growing collection of artworks. Dexter Sinister continues actively making art and design projects and The Serving Library continues actively publishing. Meanwhile, the time has come for O-R-G to reassemble itself.

O-R-G is *now* a small software company. O-R-G designs, programs, publishes, and sells apps, websites, screensavers, and other small chunks of code.

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