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P!DF proposes new ways of looking at contemporary art, graphic design, and curating, whether you’re an exhibition maker, educator, or would-be cultural disruptor, or just love potentially pretentious presentational processes performed in public.

Purchase P!DF for a candid look at Prem’s projects with artists, museums, and architects in a genre-defying and open-ended format. P!DF allows users to choose among many different paths and outcomes, which shift in response to timely events. P!DF makes a modest proposal: that curating, design, and art education have the power to change the world, one page at a time.

Prem Krishnamurthy is an exhibition maker based in Berlin and New York whose work incorporates curating, design, writing, and teaching. He founded and directed the experimental institutions P! in New York and K, — a yearlong “workshop for exhibition making” in Berlin, established in collaboration with KW Institute for Contemporary Art. Co-founder of award-winning design studio Project Projects, he is now a partner and director of Wkshps, a multidisciplinary design workshop that seeds and shapes identities for the arts, culture, and beyond. He is a member of the Creative Team for the Carnegie International, 57th Edition, 2018 and an Artistic Director of the inaugural Fikra Graphic Design Biennial in Sharjah (UAE).


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