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Designed and written by Prem Krishnamurthy
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P!DF proposes experimental new ways of looking at art, design, curating, and contemporary life, whether you’re a creative practitioner, cultural disruptor, or just love potentially pretentious presentational processes performed in public.
Peruse P!DF for a dynamic window onto Prem’s projects, proposals, and philosophy. Featuring a newly updated selection of teachings and tools in a genre-bending format, P!DF asks what’s at stake in the ways we’re designing ourselves and our shared world. How can the concept of “bumpiness”— as a model for productive friction — rewrite rules of working and living, one page at a time?
Prem Krishnamurthy is a designer, curator, writer, and teacher. He is director of Wkshps and artistic director of FRONT International 2022, and formerly founder of Project Projects and P!. In 2015, he received the Cooper Hewitt’s National Design Award for Communication Design.
“P!DF is a fascinating experiment in reading, writing, and publishing. Prem has transformed an invisible medium into a very special text — quirky, critical, and engaging.”
— Ellen Lupton, author, Design is Storytelling
“P!DF encapsulates a celebrated career of thinking and doing from a singularly talented curator and designer, and is — in typically Krishnamurthy fashion — strangely practical. It is, in short, a hell of a read.”
— Ben Smith, editor-in-chief, BuzzFeed News
"P!DF is a critical, curatorial exegesis packed with excursus ('bumpy' design, e.g.), pedagogic pathways, and a love story by Emily, all simultaneously unspooling sometime in the future and portalled into the present by a design prophet named Prem Krishnamurthy."
— Ingrid Schaffner, curator, Carnegie International, 57th Edition, 2018
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