O-R-G small softwares shop at 38 Ludlow Street, Basement South, New York, NY 10002 will reopen soon. 
Meanwhile, we continue to do occasional events including A Melted Snowman (book & screensaver launch)Pick-up sticks screensaver launch in an alleySaturday Software Shop Co-hosted by a CatP!DF (Zoom)Multi & friendsAre.na (hard copy)Boot Boyz Biz x IN-FO.CO T-shirt DropAngie Keefer, CASE STUDY99 Variations on a Proof (launch with violins)P!DF (NEU!) book launch & extended readingFlight Simulator (One-way Trip to Kansas City)“Italy, land of random”This is *not* the internet (Shop opening), and A screensaver launch and gentle induction
Our softwares are sold as discrete postcards with unique hologram download codes and instructions for use. They are currently available in bookstores elsewhere.
"Kind of like the world wide web but really more like a basement.”