42 pp, 18 hours video, ePub 3 optimized for Apple Books on iPad, iPhone, and macBook
A *Pre-* Program for Graphic Design is a video-based companion to A *New* Program for Graphic Design, a DIY textbook that synthesizes the pragmatic with the experimental to convey advanced graphic design principles in an understandable form for students of all levels as well as general readers.
Based on courses originally developed for liberal arts students at Princeton University, the book was derived from a three-day lecture series held in Los Angeles, delivered to a live studio audience and video recorded. The result is a broad introduction to graphic design and visual literacy, covering a wide range of topics, from Benjamin Franklin to Bruno Munari, Moholy-Nagy to Muriel Cooper and the Macintosh computer.
This ePub contains 18 video lectures, 6 for each of the book’s three sections: Typography, Gestalt, and Interface, as well as daily introductions and instructions for use.
A *Pre-* Program for Graphic Design can serve as a teaching tool, and can be used either in combination with A *New* Program for Graphic Design, or on its own.
Written and performed by David Reinfurt and published by Inventory Press and O-R-G. Based on A *New* Program for Graphic Design first published on paper by Inventory Press and DAP.
Watch the demonstration video:
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