Please come this Sunday, March 29 from 10–12 pm EDT (NYC) to
where, live from his socially distant Berlin space, author and designer Prem Krishnamurthy will present P!DF (via Zoom!) and perform an extended reading, accompanied by special guests. Prem writes:
In this moment of extreme uncertainty and increasing isolation, I’ve been prototyping some tools for spending time together. Please join me for this Sunday, March 29 for Present! v.1.0.0?a combination of a virtual lecture, talk show, and Sunday sermon, with a dose of group karaoke thrown in 🎤🎶💥! Using my forthcoming P!DF, v.6.0.0 as a score, it will focus on the idea of “bumpiness” as a form of productive friction.
Special guests: Baseera Khan, Karel Martens, Konrad Renner, Jason Dodge, Marlene McCarty, The Rodina, Wong Kit Yi, WORKac, and others. Co-Hosts: @Wkshps + @____homecooking____ + @_o_r_g
The new edition of P!DF will be available for sale online starting 10am EDT, March 29, 2020 here:
More here: