Please come Saturday, February 8 at 3pm to
O-R-G small softwares
38 Ludlow Street, Basement
New York, NY 10002
where ambient social network launches a hard copy edition. Annual, edited by Meg Miller, is a printed collection of posts comissioned for the blog. Writers include Will Freudenheim, Mindy Seu, Claire Evans, David Reinfurt, Gary Zhexi Zhang, Cory Arcangel, Rachel Rosenfelt, Meg Miller, Toph Tucker, Jasmine Lee, Laurel Schwulst, Becca Abbe, Eric Li, Danielle Robinson, Andy Pressman, Omayeli Arenyeka, Leo Shaw, Karly Wildenhaus, and Willa Koerner. Discounted copies of the Annual will be available for $15.
Juices from The Snowman Deli will be served.
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