Please come Sunday, March 31 from 12–6 pm to
O-R-G small softwares
38 Ludlow Street, Basement
New York, NY 10002
where author and designer Prem Krishnamurthy will launch P!DF (NEU!) and perform an extended reading, accompanied by light Krautrock music on repeat.
A genre-bending hybrid between monograph, memoir, and manifesto, P!DF proposes new models for creative practice. Version 5.0.0, a revised and expanded edition, includes *over* 500 pages of new material, including texts, talks, teachings, and tools. For this long-form book launch, author and designer Prem Krishnamurthy will attempt a complete reading of P!DF — a plausible, though perhaps potentially perilous, performance. Drop by for a drink and to purchase the new publication.
The new edition of P!DF will be available for sale online starting 12pm EDT, March 31 here:
More here: